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Biashara Energy Solutions Ltd (BESL) is the leading SME company in Renewable Energy in East Africa. It prides with a track record of the only company in Kenya to use its own Technology in Design, Feasibility Studies and other Associated work in the early development of renewable energy projects. BESL has proven that projects deemed non-viable for investment in Kenya due to land, environmental, community and political issues can be managed to ensure the project is de-risked for investment.

BESL undertakes the early development of renewable energy projects and hence de-risk projects to viable opportunities for partnerships and investment. Therefore, it is one of our core objective in business to front ourselves to investors and financiers as providers of business of viable business and investment opportunities in Renewable Energy (Hydro, Solar, Wind, Biomass, Tidal) both for the central grid and offgrid with a provision of wholesome bankable package highlighting some of the following features:

 - Technical Viability

-Integration of International Standards of practices with local contents to provide tailored solutions to projects and attractive investments

- Conscious of Environmental Conservation, sound community management policies nd well developed Corporate Social Value

- In-depth understanding of the Kenyan Renewable Energy market  

- Ability to diversify in other Business Opportunities using the same technologies and human capital

- A rich portfolio of Human Capital which forms the greatest Asset of the company 

- A resourceful Integrated Data Bank

- Cost Effective but up to standard deliveries

- Leading Consultants in Renewable Energy, Business Development Solutions, Projects Conceptualization, Design, Feasibility Studies, solutions development and Project Management

- Sound management of risks and understanding of the Kenyan regulatory and legal framework, demographics and political impacts on investments 

- Efficient machinery in services and implementation of projects hence saving time and money 

These are just to name a few !!! 

Of all very important principles is that we ensure value for money to our clients and uphold high standards of integrity, honesty and we inspire trust as a basis of establishing long-lasting business relations; a fact that has endeared us in the Kenyan market. Its popularly known thatsour word is better and reliable than written agreement.  

In the Business Development category we have a number of entities under BESL which have been designated from between 2016-2018 to specialize in certain components of business under BESL. These are as follows:

1.) Tungsten Energy Ltd - A special purpose vehicle developing a 10MW hydropower project in Kirinyaga County, Kenya. The project is currently past feasibility stage and is seeking early development partners as well as equity investors.

2.) Nyambene Conservation Ltd - is the company that is specializing in Low-Cost Housing as well specialized in design and feasibility studies for  for innovative mixed housing development. We are seeking to establish 500 Units of Low-Cost Housing in Kirinyaga County, 200 Units in Naivasha, 200 Units in Nyeri, 800 units in Embu County and 800Units in Meru County to serve bot the Meru Town and Isiolo (Isiolo County) as the first Lot using our Low Cost Housing Designs and Business Model. Currently seeking financial partners to sell low-cost loans, grant funding, technical input into the project through this pilot project .

NCL also deals with Environmental conservation initiatives, agribusiness and agro-processing and one of its key model is an small integrated ranching which involves, environmental conservation such as bamboo farming, grapes farming, water management, garlic farming, groundnuts farming, cassava farming among others as well as value addition of the same. It is the first company to supply grapes seedlings commercially to farmers and with a sound farmers advisory services. Looking for investors in area of value addition to create better prices for our farmers and sustainable market for their produce.

3.) Octopus Silicon Tech - Is the next Kenyan Silicon Savannah in Africa. It enjoys a network of more than 1000 innovators in various field. It has launched the MOBILET which is a smart method for searching and renting residential and commercial houses online. Enabling a tenant to use mobile phones and mobile money to search for rentals and pay the rent in a matter of minutes anywhere in Kenya. The project is expected to be fully operational in most of Kenyan urban centers by June 2019.

It is here we are responsible for the OCTOPUS SILICON MARKET. Its is a platform which provides save and secure  digital market place for online business to trade without worry of loosing their money.  It is a digital platform which provides access to the enormous market of millions of Whatsapp users in Kenya who are able able to see what one user is selling or looking to buy..This is the reason its known as a market. Where everyone can sell and buy to anyone online and offline. A unique technology and business model that will enable many to to grow including those farmers in the village and youth in the urban centers and hence creating millions of jobs in Kenyan. 

4.) Chemosit Power Company Ltd - Is a special purpose company established to provide services and to establish its own renewable energy businesses on behalf of BESL within the Counties located in Riftvalley region of Kenya. Some of the key counties are Bomet and Kericho Counties. 



Biashara Energy Solutions Limited (BESL) was established in Kenya on 1st December 2009, when it was issued with a Certificate of Incorporation and registered as a private limited company with aim of becoming a major Independent Power Producer of clean renewable and sustainable energy for

export to the national and isolated grids and as a provider of Business Development Consultancy

Services. The company was launched with an initial project focus of small hydro’s, wind and solar power production across Eastern Africa, which has a good economic growth rate and massive but untapped potential for the renewable energy. BES boasts on its competitive leverage from its well proven Small Hydro technology, 100% success delivery in Community Management with different communities under its Community Management Strategy, and a leader in provision of Consultancy & Solutions both in general business and RE.



We have served clients from Kenya, USA, Bulgaria and now we have entered in the Somalia market. 

Our Consultants in their individual capacities have served in various projects including Financial Advisory for the Turkana Wind Power Project (300MW), Tanzania Rural Electrification Authority, Zambian Ministry of Energy, DRC Congo just to name a few


We also collaborate with International Organisations and have participated in programs undertaken by International Water Stewardship Programme -Kenya, DFID Minigrids Facility, World Bank stakeholders consultations, Power Africa, SUNREF just to name a few.  




Main Office - Meru County:

Jeniko house, Meru Town, 1st flr, suite C12, Tom Mboya Street

P.O. Box 160 – 60200

Meru, Kenya



Kirinyaga Virtual Office:  

Kamau House, Gitumbi-Mugwandi-Kerugoya Road, Gituri Estate

P.O. Box 294 -10300

Kerugoya, Kenya 


Nairobi Virtual Office:

(For essential contacts and services and investors meetings) 



Mob: (+254) 729 327 583 / 



Updated on September 2018