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......Biashara Energy Solutions LTD was founded by an innovative renown technocrat and designer Mr. Shadrack K. Kamau in 2009. This was a culmination of over 8 years of experience in community and social work, renewable energy, project development and community management in Mt. Kenya region.


Who We Are



Biashara Energy Solutions Limited (BESL) was established in Kenya on 1st December 2009, when it was issued with a Certificate of Incorporation and registered as a private limited company with aim of becoming a major Independent Power Producer of clean renewable and sustainable energy for

export to the national and isolated grids and as a provider of innovative and specialized Business Development Consultancy Services such as Project conceptualization & Design, Feasibility Studies and project management. Diversified over the last 9yrs from just renewable energy but now entering areas such as Business IT, specialized housing development, Tech Development, agriculture, environment and agro-processing. BESL has the largest pool of consultancy network of over 1000 consultants/innovators in eastern Africa region; pulled from various fields and therefore presents itself as the best prepared company to bring innovations in business as the leader in the development of the next Silicon Savannah in Sub-Sahara Africa and in jobs creation.


The company was launched with an initial project focus of small hydro’s, wind and solar power production across Eastern Africa, which has a good economic growth rate and massive but untapped potential for the renewable energy. BES boasts on its competitive leverage from its well proven Small Hydro technology, 100% success delivery in Community Management with different communities under its Community Management Strategy, and a leader in provision of Consultancy & Solutions both in general business and RE.

BESL is an SME and fast growing company currently with 35 shareholders and 7 directors. It has a number of Special Purpose Vehicle companies known as associated companies and has established sound network of partners for mutual benefits with other parties.



The company is registered in Kenya under Companies Act Cap 486 of the laws of Kenya as Biashara Energy Solutions LTD and is Tax compliant. 

About Us

The Company Background


Biashara Energy Solutions Ltd is also termed as BESL or BES Ltd in short terms was incorporated in Kenya as per the Companies Act on 1st December 2009. It currently (2018) operate from Meru Town in Meru County and Kirinyaga County at the outskirts of Kerugoya Town. The company operates a virtual office in Nairobi.


The Company is duly registered by the Registrar of Companies under Registration number CPR/2009/14838.


It is a young SME Company specializing in early development of Renewable Energy as well as Business/Projects Development and Consultancy services as its core business. It is duly recognized by the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum as among the Independent Power Producers (IPP) operating currently in Kenya under the Feed-in-Tariffs as well as under other Renewable Energy platforms.  Its strength is drawn by its unique composition of experienced shareholders who also double as in-house consultants with reputable experience and backgrounds in different fields of expertise and therefore forming the heartbeat that makes BESL unique in the Kenyan energy market.


The Overall Objective to form BESL was to establish a company which can mobilize capacity to take the risks which no other developer can afford or has the capacity to take. These include and not limited to site identifications, conceptualization & design, feasibility studies, developing business & Investment models for the same, structuring the investment partnerships as well as sourcing for financing. Its noteworthy that BESL is built on a solid foundation of the following key strengths:


i)                    Human Capital – It’s a collection of various consultants in different fields of expertise providing their expertise and experience for the single goal of delivering projects on a project to project basis. The consultants most of them also operate their own independent companies.


ii)                  Collaborators and Partners – These are other partners and collaborators whom bring into the company shared strengths in their areas of expertise and experience as well as capacity. Such collaborations have been witnessed with International Water Stewardship Programme –(Hydropower)- GIZ, US Power Africa, SUNREF, Energy 4 Impact, Mayleen Corporation (the best hydropower contractor in East Africa) among others.


iii)                Technology – The company has a team of innovators who have since it was founded made unique applications of technologies to enable BESL produce some of the most quality and unique work and projects witnessed in the past few years in both energy and now has diversified into other fields through its Business Development Department. The company from its inception has been renown to bring costs of development of energy projects by de-risking them through its unique BES Design Technology which lowers cost of development by 4 times and reduces feasibility studies work and design from 8 months to just 5weeks. The technology provides unique design tools which can be integrated with traditional engineering and IT methods and application and hence enabling the company to maintain the World Bank Standards in project development while integrating local content and applications.


iv)                Community Management Policy – Its is one of the key components which the company is anchored on. Having members who come from the NGO, community management and public service, these have enabled through their experience bring in clearly the component of Community Management as a cost in renewable energy project and therefore giving the company a track record of zero (0) disputes on any project site since the company was founded up to date. The company has also been consulted by other developers to provide services related to community management.




v)                  Understanding of Legal Framework & Business Environment – Under BESL, several programmes have been run including community energy projects, development of Kenyan mad micro hydro turbine generator (3kW-500kW) for purpose of developing viable business models which fit different localities and different investment models. This is in line with legal framework set in the Kenyan energy market. BESL has participated and contributed on various government policies as a key stakeholders since 2012, World Bank, DFID, GIZ, International Renewable Energy Association and contributed to various research programmes on energy, key of them Havard University as well as development of the Meru Wind Resource Map that was gifted to County Government of Meru.


vi)                The Renewable Energy Resource Database – BESL for the first 5yrs of its inception focused its capacity both financially in developing its key asset which is its Renewable Energy Resource Database (hydro, Wind, Solar, Tide). The database covers Kenya, parts of Uganda, Rwanda, partly Tanzania, Somalia, Madagascar and parts of South Sudan. This is the largest Asset BESL has developed which now enables it to develop a renewable energy project and conduct detailed feasibility studies within a short period in application of the lowest costs in the market. This means BESL is ready for the renewable energy market in East Africa.


BESL was founded by Shadrack K. Kamau and other 7 Co-Founder Directors in 2009. Shadrack is the Founder Chairman and CEO coming from a background NGO work, as an Electrical & Electronics Technician,  ICT Technician and an Expert in Aviation Technology among other numerous skills and background experiences. He is also a reputable entrepreneur recognized by the government of Kenya and other international bodies. He is an accredited Member Entrepreneur of ENABLIS, the second largest entrepreneur network in the world. Shadrack and other two shareholders who conceived the formation of BESL in 2009 (i.e Stephen Kaingu Nyundo – Kilifi, Emily Kaari – Tharaka-Nithi) were selected among the Top 100 National Finalists in the 2009 Chora Bizna Business Plan Competition, in 2010 Enablis Chase Bank Business Launchpad, Shadrack and other two shareholders (i.e. Eunice Kagwiria – Meru, Isaac Kiragu-Laikipia) were also shortlisted among the Top 100 National Finalists. It is on this foundation the first 10 shareholders (including directors) formed the foundation of Biashara Energy Solutions Ltd.


This ushered the approvals from the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum of the first two projects, Mutonga Mutuandanju Small Hydro Power Project (4.3 – 4.9MW) approved in 2010, Kangeta Hills Wind Power Project (20MW), approved in 2011 and both in Meru County. Over the past 5yrs BESL has identified renewable energy sites with a capacity of more than 1000MW (Solar, Wind, Hydro) and undertaken pre-feasibility studies for sites of totaling capacity of more than 200MW and undertaken feasibility studies for sites totaling capacity of more than 120MW.


The company is involved in early development of projects as well as a consulting company in renewable energy projects. In Business & Project Development, the company is involved in Low-Cost Housing, Manufacture of the Portable Sauna Steam bath machine, Sea Salt Processing, MOBILET and other upcoming investments.


The company was founded by 8 directors and a total of 15 shareholders. Its currently has more than 30shareholders coming from different counties in Kenya, with majority originating from Meru, Kirinyaga and Nairobi Counties.



There are other associated businesses and companies which include, Tungsten Energy Ltd, Nyambene Conservation Ltd, Octopus Silicon and MERAMEO Ltd.


Main Office - Meru County:

Jeniko house, Meru Town, 1st flr, suite C12, Tom Mboya Street

P.O. Box 160 – 60200

Meru, Kenya



Kirinyaga Virtual Office:  

Kamau House, Gitumbi-Mugwandi-Kerugoya Road, Gituri Estate

P.O. Box 294 -10300

Kerugoya, Kenya 


Nairobi Virtual Office:

(For essential contacts and services and investors meetings) 



Mob: (+254) 729 327 583 / 



Updated on September 2018