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Company Board of Directors


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors list is divided into two. The first list contains the directors list as in the records of the Registrar of Companies and the second list contains the new updated list of directors to be filled soon with the Registrar of Companies. The Memorandum and Articles of BESL allows two categories of Directors. These are the elected directors and the appointed directors. Elected Directors are elected by majority shareholders vote and each share represents a vote. Elected Directors MUST be shareholders. Appointed Directors are directors who are either shareholders or not but are appointed to the Board by the already elected directors. They cannot chair the Board unless by proxy. 


Board Members

The company is headed by the chairman who also doubles as the Chief Executive Officer, the  Vice Chairman and other directors.


Names of Directors & Board Members

i) Shadrack K. Kamau                         - Chairman/CEO/Director

ii) Stephen K. Nyundo                        - V/Chairman/Director

iii) Alison K. Riungu                          - Ex. Treasurer/

iv) Paul Mbuthia M.                           - Ex. Secretary/Director

v) Justus Mwirichia M.                      - Government Relations/PR/Director

vi) Eunice Kagwiria                           - Director

vii)Hon. Matere Keriri                       - Financial & Transactions Advisor

viii)Nicholas Nzioka  (Findel Associates) – Company Secretary

ix)Ahmednasir Abdikadir & Co. Advocates   - Company Lawyer

x)Philis W. Kamau                                         - Legal Advisor


Particulars of Directors & Board Members

i) Shadrack K. Kamau                      - Chairman/CEO/Director

Shadrack is the Founder Chairman and CEO coming from a background NGO work, as an Electrical & Electronics Technician,  ICT Technician and an Expert in Aviation Technology among other numerous skills and background experiences. He is also a reputable entrepreneur recognized by the government of Kenya and other international bodies. He is an accredited Member Entrepreneur of ENABLIS, the second largest entrepreneur network in the world. Shadrack was selected among the Top 100 National Finalists in the 2009 Chora Bizna Business Plan Competition, and in 2010 Enablis Chase Bank Business Launchpad.

He developed the current technology that is used in the feasibility studies and design in BESL. He is an innovator and thinker. He comes in with enormous experience in solutions development, technology, entrepreneur potential & experience, leadership where he has served as a leader in various community and professional groups. He has served as CEO and Chairman of BESL since 2009. He is 39yrs old.


ii) Stephen K. Nyundo                     - V/Chairman/Director

Stephen is one of the founder members who conceived the idea of establishing BESL. He is an accredited Member Entrepreneur of ENABLIS, the second largest entrepreneur network in the world. Stephen was selected among the Top 100 National Finalists in the 2009 Chora Bizna Business Plan Competition sponsored by Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of Canada and Enablis. He leads the team in-charge of Research and Design. He holds Master of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and is almost through with his PhD. He is a Mathematics Part-Time Lecturer at the Technical University of Mombasa. He has vast experience in Training and Professional Development of Staff. He is a qualified Physics Consultant and Facilitator. With a 10yrs of experience as an educator and teacher.  He has been the Vice Chairman of the company since 2009. He is a gifted scientist and innovator.  He is at the age of 36.


iii) Alison K. Riungu (Mrs)             - Ex. Treasurer/Director

She comes in to take over the position of her late husband who was at this position from the inception of the company. They represent family shareholding in BESL through their nominated candidate. The family has background in involvement of electrical and electronics and their son a graduate of Strathmore University who provides IT services to the company on behave of the family. The late Mr. Riungu and family has vast experience which the family continues to input through their nominated member to the Board. The family has made significant financial and managerial input to the company bearing in mind that Mr. Riungu was the Founder MD of Sanyo and later a trainer of African Traders after Kenyan independence, he was an accountant, a retired teacher and had served many multinational corporations in East Africa in 70s and 80s. At the time of his death he was the National Vice Chairman of Nchuri Ncheke elders. These vast experiences in leadership and as a corporate manager has contributed greatly to the foundations of BESL.

The wife, Mrs. Alison Riungu and the son continues to carry that family legacy to take BESL to the next level. She is a renowned farmer from Chogoria and an entrepreneur.


iv) Paul Mbuthia M.                         - Ex. Secretary/Director

He is an experienced religious leader in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and one of the key founders of BESL. He is an entrepreneur based in Meru County in the furniture business. He is a too serious investor for a micro enterprise entrepreneur and a risk taker. A very gifted and experienced leader who inspires trust, courage and perseverance. He has technical education in Carpentry. He is at the age of 42.


v) Justus Mwirichia M.                   - Government Relations/PR/Director

Justus is a renowned and aggressive leader in Meru county and the country at large. He has served in public service as an educationist for 34yrs where he retired as a senior Quality Assurance Officer in the Ministry of Education. He has served as Liason Officer between the Ministry of Education and Plan International and for many years as a Catholic Men Chairman for Diocese of Meru. He is currently the National Chairman for Catholic Men Association who holds the representative office for Catholic Men Association in Eastern Africa to the global or International Council for Catholic Men Association. He also holds the Deputy Secretary General office for the Jubilee Party at Meru County level. He has initiated numerous projects and initiatives for the Catholic Men across the country as well as many educational initiatives over the past 25yrs.

He brings vast experience in deep understanding of the public service, political understanding in relation to development, leadership and has acquired vast experience in energy for the past 8yrs in BESL as a director in the company. He is one of the most influential directors in BESL and one of the key founders of the company. His office and roles in the company are fulltime as assigned by the Board from project to project basis. He is currently the lead Director in the development of the company projects based in Meru County.


vi) Eunice Kagwiria                         - Director

She is one of the Founder directors of the company. She has 9yrs vast experience in IT applications as well as a Technician and an Instructor. She is an entrepreneur and a farmer. She was selected among the Top 100 National Finalists in 2010 Enablis Chase Bank Business Launchpad which was a national business plan competition. She is one of the key person behind the development of the BES Renewable Energy Database which is the most important asset of the company. She has obtained vast experience in Equity negotiations and was involved in signing of the first Equity deal for Mutonga 4.3MW Hydro power project. She served as the Board Vice Executive Secretary between 2010 to 2014. A position which no longer exist in the board. She is also one of the top two majority shareholders in the company.  She is at the age of 34.


vii)Hon. Matere Keriri                    - Financial & Transactions Advisor

Hon. Matere Keriri is a Board member and the company Financial, Projects and Transaction Advisor.  He is a renowned economist credited with many economic gains in the country as a top public servant in the treasury and an economist and advisor of the former president Kibaki.  He has served in the Ministry of Finance under various top capacities since 1964 and as well as a Bank CEO in Kenya and a board member. He served as MP for Ndia in Kirinyaga County for two terms and was the State House Comptroller for the retired president Mwai Kibaki. He was one of the Chief Financial Advisors for Turkana Wind Power project who is attributed for structuring new financing model after the announcement of the World Bank to pull out of the project financing.  He runs a project financing consultancy firm in Nairobi, Riverside Drive.

He has served as Chairman of Kenya Power Board and as Chairman of Electricity Regulatory Board and is the one responsible in restructuring the current ERC.

His enormous experience in financing, banking, project management, public administration, political background, energy sector, as an economist and experience in the private sector brings to BESL great value for a young SME company such as this. His credibility in over 50yrs of service is remarkable. He is at his 80s and still consulting but mostly as an advisor. He has been with BESL since mid-2015. He is an aggressive entrepreneur and a serious farmer in Kirinyaga County.




       (Findel Associates)

Rich, highly skilled and experienced Certified Public Secretaries serving some of the best companies in Kenya. Experienced in International banking. 



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