Biashara Energy Solutions Ltd

Renewable Energy Development, Business Development, Consultancy, Housing, Agribusiness & Agro-Processing, Healthy Lifestyle & Equipment, Feasibility Studies, Project Design & Management

Consultancy and Other Business Development Services

 Class B:  Consultancy Work (Business Development):

                 Business Development & Consultancy

           Ø  RE Consultancy Work

           Ø  Project Management

           Ø  Financing Modeling & Arrangements

           Ø  Projects / Products Design & Development 

           Ø  Feasibility Studies

           Ø  Others within our in-house capacity

           Ø  Businesses & Entrepreneurship Development Solutions

           Ø  Projects Conceptualization, Development & Market Survey

           Ø  Business IT Projects Development

           Ø  Specialized Housing & Property Development

           Ø  Natural Health, Nutrition and Equipment Development